Morning Shift

I love the morning. I love the cold breeze everytime I walk out of the house. I love the feeling of the hot chicken noodle soup getting into my tummy.

Now that I'm done with all the love-its, let's get to the hate-its.

I hate not getting on a jeepney to work soon enough, I hate the traffic everytime the jeepney I'm on passes through Carbon. And I hate pushing myself to wake up when I just barely got into bed.

Truth is, I don't really mind waking up as early as my usual bedtime, all I want is to be able to get to bed early, and if I can, I just hope that I have undisturbed sleep.

Undisturbed sleep.

Again, this brings me to wanting my own room. If I have my own room, I'd be able to get enough sleep without the TV blaring, and I won't have to sense people walking around. I'm actually cool with sharing the room with my brother and my sister, but I just don't think having a computer, a laptop, a TV inside a room and your next door neighbor blasting their radio 24 hours a day can give me enough peace.

Let's see, this is about the 4th week of my employed life. On the first week of work, we were scheduled for the mid-shift, that's about 2PM-10PM. This continued until the second week. Right after the second week, the next stage of training started and we were scheduled for the last shift---10PM-6AM. We were happy that we were finally put in the last shift, since that meant more cash because of the benefits of working late at night. But then the trainer decided that we should be given the first shift. Can you just imagine the Hazard pay and Night Differential pay growing wings and leaving us?

Oh well, I guess we should just be contented with the week-long extra pay for now.


blurem23 said...

work na diay!? hehe.. enjoy work and enjoy life!