Advertisers Should Do SocialSpark

I kinda wish that this blog can stand on its own, meaning that I won't have to work so hard just to keep it up. Well, since I just started with SocialSpark, I was pretty eager to see what it could offer and obviously eager to earn with it. I was kinda excited that I would be able to do sponsored posts again and without having to hide it from the readers. The purpose of this post is to let advertisers know that can help in booming their business if they just have enough people linking back to them and bloggers' posts are just as good as promoting their products.

Like for me, I've always like the sports gear from Adidas. I bought myself tennis shoes that I have loved so much because of its durability and the comfort that I felt while using it. Aside from their tennis shoes, their shirts rock as well as their bags. Oh I could just go on and on with their products.

And since I've just started working and have been thinking about getting myself a new car (wishful thinking!), I've always wanted to get myself a Honda CRV. Yeah, I know it's been out in the market for a while now, but I just want an SUV, so sue me.

By the way, this template isn't totally mine, as everyone can see on the footer, but I have done some changes to it and I will be making more changes using Photoshop. I have to change the imagery, to personalize this blog more. I just wish that Photoshop's cheaper though, it sure takes a pretty penny just to get a license. But whatever, I love Photoshop, nonetheless. :D

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