Tagged! Ten Things About Me

Oh dear, I've been tagged. Haha! I don't mind, though. I like this kind of things. Anyway, let's get on with it.

1. I like peanut butter with chocolate.
2. I use Calvin (my calculator) as fast as I text, and the same way I text--using both thumbs.
3. I name all my gadgets, which is not a lot.
4. I don't like texting, but I'm a speed texter. Seriously.
5. I'm a frustrated singer. :P
6. I know what a Chathuringmes is.
7. I drive motorcycles, four-wheeled vehicles, and bikes (the ordinary ones).
8. I love to swim, run and sweat it out. I'm an adventurer.
9. I once played a guy in a play and she almost kissed me for the show. O.O Jeez, what some people would do to create gossip.
10. My foot size is 7. *hint* *hint*

Ok, next on my tag list:


I guess those three are the only ones I can think of now. =)

Oh well.