Criss Angel Flies

I have never heard of Criss Angel in my entire life, until one day I was on The Richness Forums chatting with my loves, Pinkislove00 and Storie, and Pink talks about Criss Angel. I was like, "Criss who?". Then I found out that he's an American with Greek lineage illusionist. The only American illusionist I knew was David Blaine. I'll never forget the illusion he made with taking his heart out. Sick. Poor Carson Daly was cringing. I did a little research and well, turns out David's more of an endurance master rather than an illusionist. Criss Angel, however, just amazes me. Seriously. Getting rolled on by a steamroller, hit by a car through a block wall, walking on water, getting cut in half by a 4-foot saw, and even getting nailed into a coffin which was shredded in a wood chipper with him inside and surviving it. I was shaking after I saw the last video. He's a Mindfreak, alright! He didn't get out of that coffin, the coffin got shredded, and you can even see the "blood, crushed bones and pulp" come out of the wood chipper chute. His wife at the time and mother was freaking out. They expected him to get out of the coffin, but he didn't. Check the video out on youtube, I'm not gonna post it on here. It was definitely not for the faint of heart. But this one, just blows your mind! Watch the video, he levitates from building to building. I'd like to learn that!


Joe Black said...

Ahhh yes, Criss Angel is a mindfreak if you have low tolerance level for broadcasting illusions. You have a good week. Cheers!