Chillaxin' Too Much?

After what seemed to be forever, I've finally realized that I have another blog to update, and this is not just because I wanna make some cash off of this baby, but because I wanna get back on track. I started this blog way in 2006, but never really added content until like mid-2007.

The original purpose of this blog was of course, like every other frustrated kid at the time, I wanted to have something where I could vent out, but I was always more comfortable with just an ordinary pen and paper and well, a pen and paper may be more comfortable, but it's not safe from the prying eyes of my siblings.

Now an online blog can be kept private even if it is ONLINE for everyone else to see. I've noticed that I've been holding back everything that I've wanted to pour out and was majorly concerned about what I wanted to write in the first place. I wanted to write about charities, I wanted to write about making money, I wanted to write about daily events, but then again, who would really care, right?

So then I came to realize that since I pretty much can't please everybody with whatever writing talent that I used to have, I'm just gonna write about anything I can think of. So looks like my random personality is about to surface! Why don't you guys check out my other blog, Miss Wilhelmina, for whatever you can find on there?


Obnoxious Queer said...


You're in the dilemma of your blogging world! hehehe

Barry said...

Isn't that what you are supposed to do? Write what you want